Meditation of the Self – Part 2

The Meditation of The Self: Part II - The Real Purpose of Meditation Quieting the mind is only the first (though constant) step. The real purpose of meditation is turning the mind to its Source, one’s True Self, the Oneness which we already always are. This is why, from the beginning of my teaching, while emphasizing the need to understand the hold that our brain/mind has on our perception of self and world, I have focused on The Mediation of...

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Meditation of the Self – Part 1

Meditation of the Self: Part I – Quieting the Mind and Turning Inward Virtually every mystical/non-dual spiritual tradition, those which underlie or prefigure the major world religions, have two major fundamental tenets. First, Reality is an Absolute Oneness. Given that our brain/mind fundamentally operates on dualistic subject/object processes, Oneness would seem to be literally inconceivable, yet despite this difficulty, the concept of...

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