As I said on the homepage, in all the time I have taught A Course in Miracles, I have never promoted my classes; only word of mouth and any posting of the classes made by whichever organization at which I have held classes or seminars. This site then is something new for me.

As such it is also something of an experiment. Through all the years I have taught the Course, I’ve still been learning it as well. “What, you haven’t gotten it…graduated or whatever?” No, I am not “fully cooked,” and I am certainly not “enlightened.”

While I have never lacked for students here in the Triangle, whether the focus I bring to the Course has benefit for a wider circle, I have no idea; hence this “experiment.” In fact, it has been my students who have pushed me to “reach out.” If what is on this site is for you just more of the same, or (worse yet) some crazy ramblings, blame it on them! (Just kidding guys!)

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